Research Scientists

Dr. Robin Weitkamp, Room L4.2-E00-190

Research interests:

  • Development of Polymer Formulations
  • Reactive Extrusion / Antifogging Additives
  • Synthetic Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

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Dr. Markus Wieseman, Room L4.2-E00-191

Research interests:

  •  Flame retardant synthesis
  •  Polymer recipe development
  •  Failure analysis

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PhD Students


M. Sc. Mateusz Andruschko, Room L4.2-E00-410

Research interests:

  • Halogen-free flame retardants
  • Polystyrene formulations
  • Flame retardant synthesis


Bursy, Christoffer

M. Sc. Christoffer Bursy, Room L4.2-E00-410

Research interests:

  • Polymer extrusion & recipe develoment
  • Halogen-free flame retardants
  • Bio-based flame retardants


M. Sc. Michael Luksin, Room L4.2-E00-410

Research interests:

  • Flame retardant polymer formulations
  • Polymer recipe develoment
  • Sulfurous co-polymers

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Scientific Associates

M. Sc. Nadine Hemker, Room L4.1-E00-250

Research interests:

  • Polymer degradation in the environment
  • Microplastics generation
  • Migration and degradation behaviour of polymer stabilizers


Dr. Matthias Pieper, Room L4.1-E00-250

Research interests

  • Polymer recipe development
  • Polymer analytics
  • Flame retardants


Research & Student Assistants
  • Magnus Schreckenberg
  • Patricia Suhl
  • Tobias Tabertshofer
  • Adrian Unterberg